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Zick Jone

SAP Solman Focused Build & ALM Architect

SAP Cloud ALM Experts
Cloud ALM for Operation

+45 22259484 [email protected] Dedicated Cloud ALM Operations professional with a focus on optimizing cloud-based operations and monitoring for seamless and efficient performance. Experienced in the successful implementation and management of Cloud ALM tools and methodologies, I specialize in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of operational processes. My expertise in cloud infrastructure, monitoring, and operational excellence…

Cloud ALM for Implementation

+45 22259484 [email protected] As a Cloud ALM Implementation specialist, I excel in orchestrating successful deployments of Cloud ALM solutions, with expertise in key areas such as Project Management, Setup and Test Management, Defect Tracking, and Cloud Transport Management. I’m passionate about introducing best practices and tools to optimize software development and operational processes in the…

Cloud ALM for SAP Business Transformation Center

+45 22259484 [email protected] As a Cloud ALM Transformation specialist, I’m dedicated to driving organizations’ evolution towards efficient, cloud-native ALM practices. With a strong background in ALM, cloud technologies, and a track record of successful transformations, I guide teams and processes towards cloud-native excellence. My expertise encompasses strategic planning, process reengineering, and technology integration. I’m committed…