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Linda S.

I've worked with several SAP consultancies over the years, but SAP Professional Services truly stands out. Their team's expertise and dedication ensured our project's success from the onset. Highly recommended!

John K.

Overall a positive experience. The team from SAP Professional Services was knowledgeable and responsive. There were a couple of hiccups in communication early on, but they were addressed promptly.

Elena D.

The services offered were competent and the team knew their stuff. However, I felt the pricing was a bit on the higher side. Might consider them for future projects, but will also be shopping around.

William N.

Outstanding support! Our company was going through a major SAP transition, and the folks at SAP Professional Services made it seamless. I particularly appreciate their round-the-clock support and patience in answering all our queries.

Ramiro G.

Great team to work with. They provided extensive training for our in-house team post-implementation which helped us a lot. Deducting one star because the initial quote and the final bill had a significant difference, but the quality of service was commendable.

Alice M.

I was initially hesitant because of a few mixed reviews, but my experience with SAP Professional Services was nothing short of excellent. They truly understand the nuances of the SAP ecosystem and provide solutions tailored to our needs. Kudos to the team!