Demo Tenant

The Demo Tenant is for all customers who wants hands-on experience of SAP Cloud ALM with provided data without any costs. You can log on immediately and use the tenant.
demo tenant

Tenant Access and User Details

You can access the SAP Cloud ALM demo tenant using the SAP Fiori Launchpad. From there you can further access all SAP Cloud ALM applications.

For tenant access please use one of the following demo users:


User ID Name Functional Role Password
Adam Adam Admin Project Lead Calm22#1
Betty Betty Business Business Process Expert Calm22#1
Charlie Charlie Change Change Manager Calm22#1
Carl Carl Consultant Functional Consultant Calm22#1
Maria Maria Manager Manager Calm22#1
Paul Paul Project Project Manager Calm22#1
Tim Tim Tester Tester Calm22#1


User ID Name Capability Password
Janet Janet Scott Business Process Monitoring Calm22#1
Kim Kim Recruiter Business Process Monitoring (Consumer) Calm22#1
Julia Julia Smith Business Service Management Calm22#1
Lara Lara Carter Health Monitoring Calm22#1
Harry Harry Jones Integration & Exception Monitoring Calm22#1
Jack Jack Johnsen Job & Automation Monitoring Calm22#1
Hans Hans Luck Real User Monitoring Calm22#1
Cindy Cindy Anderson Synthetic User Monitoring Calm22#1

Business Transformation Center

User ID Name Capability Password
Tina Tina Transformation Digital Blueprint Calm22#1

Cross Capability User

User ID Name Role / Capability Password
Agatha Agatha Bauer Power User / All in one Calm22#1

In case of an issue or you want to send us feedback please use the mail address [email protected]. We would appreciate feedback of any kind.